Laravel mcq(multiple choice) question with answers

Laravel mcq(multiple choice) question with answers

Laravel MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) with answers

Laravel is one of the most popular open source PHP frameworks among developers. Laravel follows MVC(Model View Controller) pattern. Developers can easily understand the code written in Laravel Framework. It is designed and maintained by Taylor Otwell.

Advantages to use Laravel Framework

  • Easy to Understand code
  • Follows MVC(Model View Controller) 
  • Nice documentation
  • Easy to learn
  • High performance with security
1. Who Created Laravel?
2. What is the use of .env file in Laravel?
3. Command to start Laravel Application?
4. Command to install laravel project?
5. By default laravel project runs on which PORT?
6. CLI Command to migrate in Laravel project?
7. Command to get the route list in Laravel?
8. CLI Command to create controller in laravel?
9. Command to make migration in laravel?
10. Command to check the status of migration in laravel application?
11. Command to roll back migration operation in laravel?
12. Command to rollback all migrations operations?
13. In which file we can set database connections?
14. Can laravel application support caching?
15. What is laravel?
16. Command to check the current version of the Laravel Framwork?

17. Command to create middleware in laravel application?
18. What are the ways to get the data from database in laravel?
19. Full form of ORM in laravel?
20. Laravel is based on which design pattern?
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