NextJS mcq(multiple choice) question with answers

NextJS mcq(multiple choice) question with answers

NextJS MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) with answers

Next.js is a javascript framework to build a website fast and SEO friendly. Next.js can create static and dynamic websites.Next.js supports static and server-side rendering to fetch data from the API or server.

Why to use Next.js?


  • Image Optimization
  • Nextjs Analytics for Core web vitals
  • No config needed
  • Fast refresh rate
  • TypeScript support
  • CSS support
  • API routes
  • Font Optimization
  • Easy Server Deployment


1. Command to create NextJS app?
2. on which Port NextJS app runs?
3. SSR stands for?
4. Access the following environment variable in Next.js?
5. Why 'next/link' is used in NextJS?
6. Why 'next/image' used in NextJS?
7. NextJS is developed by?
8. Why .env.local is used in Next.JS?
9. Upgrade React version to latest in Next.JS app?
10. Command to start next.js project in development mode?
11. Command to build an application for production in Next.js?
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